colias philodice (white form)

identification details:
family: Pieridae (whites + sulphurs)
subfamily: Coliadinae (sulphurs)
species: Colias philodice
common name: Clouded Sulphur
sex: female (this is the white form variety)

collection details:
date: 6.12.07
location/habitat: sunscorched meadow with equally scorched clover (frankin county).
time: approx. 2:00 pm.
flight pattern: very quick and erratic.

remarks: this is a very close relative of colias eurytheme. Both species have a white form female which are almost indistinguishable. This specimen could be the white form of colias eurytheme, but the postmedian row of submarginal darkspots on the ventral is very faint, where it is more pronounced on the colias eurytheme. There is also a faint black dusting on the ventral hindwing.

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