colias eurytheme

identification details:
family: Pieridae (whites + sulphurs)
subfamily: Coliadinae (sulphurs)
species: Colias eurytheme
common name: Orange Sulphur (alfalfa butterfly)
sex: female (yellow spots in black wing border. less vibrant coloration all-round).

collection details:
date: 6.7.07
location/habitat: white clover field amidst the concrete riverways near tuttle park (franklin county)
time: approx. 2:03 pm
flight pattern: rapid and erratic; very close to the ground and clover.

this species is very abundant in the area. it can easily be confused with colias philodice (clouded sulphur). the burst of orange scaling among the yellow on the dorsal is a subtle difference. the silvery spots on the ventral are outlined with a red rim.

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